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    Welcome to our website. Today it is impossible to imagine a person who does not use a mobile phone. But still some 25-30 years ago, this device has been a huge luxury. Mobile phone with a wide range of features, beautiful design, light weight...
    About it then you could only dream of. However, progress has taken its toll. It took a little more than 60 years to appear in the middle of the last century, the unit became familiar to us today look.
    Cell phone since its inception constantly improved. In 1993 the world was first cell with built-in clock. After 3 years the German company Siemens began producing vehicles with a voice recorder and a color display. However, the colors on such displays were only three. In 2000, the year went on sale devices with built-in camera. This happened in Japan. Around the same time came to sell phones with built-in mp3-player. In 2001, cell phones appear platform support for Java. This enabled devices installed on a variety of different applications. Among them are the famous instant messaging service - ICQ. The first mobile with Bluetooth technology in 2002 was released by Ericsson. This technology has made it possible to exchange data between different phones on a specific radio frequency (no wires). The phone should be located close enough to each other. Depending on the noise barriers Bluetooth range is 10 to 100 m At the same time, there was a phone that supports EDGE. She let go with your phone to the Internet. Moreover, doing so at a relatively high speed. The development EDGE overshadowed appeared earlier technology WAP. The latter allows you to access the Internet at lower speeds. In this case, you need to pay for the time spent in the network, not the volume of the scanned data. The introduction of technology EDGE - merit Finnish company, Nokia.
    Enumerate all appearing in the process of improving cell phones new functions can be long. The process of improvement continues today. While you are reading this, the world has created another unique device. For example, a phone that can gain the input text by mere thoughts ("read" your thoughts and turn them into text). By the time such a device would be superfluous to know and understand the basic functions of existing mobile phones. We proceed to consider them.
    Ringtones - music or other audio tracks used for playback on a mobile phone when an incoming call or receiving SMS. Depending on the model of mobile phone can play in such tunes as files or sounds like - a simple single-voice trills, polyphonic , or any audio recording as an audio file. There are three main types of files: monophonic - the phone plays a sequence of notes, no more than one note at a time. Polyphonic - phone plays a few notes at the same time, one of the formats polyphonic - MIDI. Real Tones - music written in the form of a file in a digital format, such formats as MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, etc.
    On this site you can listen to and download free tones for the most popular mobile phone in the formats wav, mp3 and m4r (the latter format is essentially a format ACC, but reworked for playback on iPhone from the company Apple). Download all of these files can any visitor in any quantity, free of charge and without registration. To listen to and download the material is desirable for the latest version of the module Adobe Flash Player on your browser. We will be grateful for the feedback and recommendations that you can leave in the guest book or page material in the comments. We wish you a pleasant stay on the site.
    Here, you can absolutely free and without any registration download music, voice and sound for your cell phone. To search for a file, type in the search box the name of the artist or track name, then click search. Do not forget to add our site to your favorites. Convert your mp3 and m4r files for playback on the iPhone, there is no fee.
     They can meet and those musical pieces that we have, and the ones that we do not have. All content has been tested and is safe, rest assured - you are free from the risk of a virus download to your smartphone.
    On the design, development and content of the site was made by Delphia Cazares and Assunta Berenger. Use the content of our site is totally free, we do not mind. :)

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